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The following are testimonials from parents of our campers. We love hearing from parents about the experience their children had at camp, so email us if you have something to share. Enjoy!

Thanks for providing Jeremy with a fun opportunity — one that combines his biggest passion in life (sports) with Judaism. He enjoyed learning new games, attending Shabbat and he LOVED the food. 🙂 I’ve been so happy to share great things about JCC Maccabi Sports Camp with friends. It’s the camp that keeps on giving… and for that we are truly grateful.

Thanks for all that you do to create such a great environment & community!!!

Parents of 7th grade baseball player
Los Gatos, CA

This Summer was Aaron’s first time ever to a sleep away camp.  We were both so nervous and excited.  You were so good about talking to me every day, and reassuring me that he is doing well, and even when he got hurt the first day!  (Oy, only my child.)

When Aaron came back 4 weeks later he couldn’t stop talking about how he loved the counselors and all of the activities.  He said he wants to go back every summer all 3 sessions. Of course they will all be tennis.

He is so more mature and independent.  Seriously! I was doing his laundry when he came home and then when it comes out of the drier I put it all on his bed to fold and hang up.  I got distracted and couldn’t get to it right away.  When I went to go do it, it was all hung up properly and put away. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe it.  Finally, my 11-year-old, doing his own laundry, cleaning up after the dogs every day, brushing his teeth without being reminded, getting up on his own for school.  Stuff parents only dream of. I can’t thank you enough.

Parent of 6th grade basketball & tennis player
Las Vegas, NV

Alexa found out last night that she made the high school JV Tennis Team! That was her goal, and such an important piece in her choosing to go to your camp.

I wanted to thank you, on behalf of all your coaches that worked with her.

Parent of a 9th grade tennis player
Alamo, CA

Letters are rolling in now from Ryan! And, though it is hard to read his writing (LOL!) I am able to get that he is having a fabulous time. I wanted to share my tremendous appreciation for you for creating a camp like this that would enable my sports-loving boy to agree to Jewish summer camp. My dreams of him having an experience where he can connect more to his Jewish culture, find friends he relates to, and build his independence are coming true. So grateful 🙂

Hope you are enjoying the session!

Parent of an 7th grade basketball player
San Mateo, CA

I can’t thank you, and the entire staff, enough for giving Ethan such a true, memorable gift. Besides the amazing tennis instruction, unique electives, team building activities, and friendship building, Ethan loved the spiritual, Jewish experience of Shabbat and other rituals. He even told us about a Torah portion and what it meant to him, and how he related to it, (and this was on the way home IN the CAR!! 🙂

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing Ethan to experience JCC Maccabi and everything it represents. He learned so much, and was able to reconnect with old friends, and form strong new connections.

Parents of 6th grade tennis player
San Ramon, CA

Nate had the most fantastic time! Thank you for another summer full of lifetime memories, Jewish values, friendship, and character building.  Nate is now also looking forward to restarting Hebrew school this year to continue his connection to the Jewish community.  I’m so excited for him that he will have these memories of summer camp as his father and I do.  He can’t wait for next summer!

Parent of a 5th grade soccer & basketball player
Walnut Creek, CA

…and I quote, “ mom, I feel like I can do anything I want to now…” (with those eyes sparkling and a smile that wouldn’t/couldn’t quit)

She came home with stories of new friends, new experiences, and a new sense of herself….

…and I quote, “mom, I took better care of myself at camp then I do at home…” I assured her that (for her) that was not the case, she was just able to care for herself while not in my presence…

What a wonderful sleepaway camp experience she had, for which my husband and I are so deeply grateful.

…and I quote, “ I’m definitely going back next summer for 2 sessions!”

Well, well done!

Parents of 6th grade volleyball player
Mill Valley, CA

Can’t thank you enough for your patience with me, and for an amazing experience for Zachary! He had the best time and can’t stop raving about how much fun it was, how much he grew, and how he can’t wait for next year! His sister is so excited she may join him too…

Parent of 5th grade basketball player
Greenbrae, CA

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 12.12.33 PM

Thank you for not only creating a camp that has all the traditional awesomeness of resident camp: building a special community, singing songs, learning independence and what it means to be a Mensch….but for incorporating sports in a way that is engaging and challenging yet very different from the everyday competitive environment these kids see at home. Our son felt loved and accepted and successful, and that was just what he needed at this point in his life, from people other than his parents, to truly thrive. THANK YOU!!

Ysraelya Dolinger
Parent of Asher Dolinger, 7th Grade basketball player
Santa Cruz, CA

Both boys loved camp so much! From the minute we got into the car to drive home from camp and for many hours later, we heard how amazing camp was, what they did, how they loved baseball and their coaches, all about their terrific counselors Sam, David and Alex and cabin mates, the prayers they said before and after meals (we especially like when they say “ufaness!!!”, the Maccabi Cup, evening activities, the amazing food, and the list goes on!!!

Thank you especially for helping to make their first time at sleep away camp a really wonderful experience. We appreciate how you communicated with us to make sure we knew both boys were okay. Sammy and Jordan are already talking about going back next summer!! We love to hear this! What a fantastic experience for campers and their parents!!

Laurie & Louis Kimball
Parents of Jordan & Sammy Kimball, 5th & 6th Grade baseball players
Larkspur, CA


Oliver Sanz-Pastor

Oliver:    Mom, I feel bad for you.
Karen:  Why?
Oliver:  Because you didn’t have Maccabi Camp when you were a kid.

Karen Schneider
other of Oliver Sanz-Pastor, 4th grade baseball player
San Francisco, CA

Eyal Bressler

Eyal and Zah very much enjoyed the camp. They keep telling stories about their session and they probably will remember it forever. He took seriously the final advice of his coach. We, as parents, are grateful for your work and dedication.

Pnina and Emanuel Bessler
Parents of Eyal Besser, 9th Grade basketball player
Hadera, Israel

Scotty Krantzman

He has not stopped talking about what a great time he had and he has already informed us that he plans to go back next summer. We want to thank you again for providing such a memorable experience for him in such a safe and nurturing environment. Being able to combine Scott’s love of sports with our desire for him to be surrounded by Jewish peers and counselor role-models was the best of all worlds. Your staff was wonderful and baseball coach Rich was especially high on Scott’s Coolest-People-on-Earth list. We so appreciated your hard work getting this camp started. Your attention to detail was clearly evident and we hope your enrollment skyrockets next summer. We are certainly spreading the word!

Deborah Krantzman
Mother of Scott Krantzman, 7th Grade baseball player
Walnut Creek, CA

Josh Pennington

In case things go too quickly tomorrow, I wanted to express my gratitude for the opportunity to send Josh to Maccabi Camp this summer and for the care you gave him when he got hurt. I think this was probably an amazing experience for Josh and I have a feeling he’ll be wanting more another year. 🙂

Parent-wise, your communications were often and not too much but not too little. The CampMinder system, I think, worked very efficiently with regard to submission of paperwork and with during-camp pictures and e-mails. I never worried about Josh and whether he was in good hands or not. When we arrived at camp, there was an air of competence and excitement about the upcoming session from all counselors and even the nurses! I felt I could always contact you if I had ANY questions

All in all, a great first summer, Thanks so much for everything!!!

Laurie Pennington
Mother of Josh Pennington, 7th grade baseball player
Mountain View, CA

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 12.21.09 PM

I had a great time this summer at camp. I loved learning with coach Zach during basketball practice and playing other sports throughout the day. I really think this camp has a lot of potential and that it will attract hundreds of kids in the upcoming years. Next year I think I am too old to return as a camper but would love to be a part of this camp in another way. Thanks again.

Josh Katz, 9th grade basketball player
Greenbrae, CA

Daniel Klein

I’ve heard many, many good things about the camp from this year’s campers & parents. Daniel had a great time and will be coming back next summer.

Thanks again for conceiving, starting and delivering a great Jewish sports summer experience!!!

I’m also hoping that you will be at Menlo College next year — but Daniel will be there regardless.

Sheryl Klein
Mother of Daniel Klein, 8th grade tennis player
Palo Alto, CA

Zach Bernstein

Subject: Drum Roll Please!!

Zack worked hard and made the 8th grade baseball team!!! Wooooohoooooo!!!

Wendy Herring
Mother of Zach Bernstein, 8th Grade baseball player
Scottsdale, AZ