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Help Make Magic at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp

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“We love the idea that you can play sports and be Jewish. During the year it always seems like there has to be a choice. JCC Maccabi Sports Camp puts it all together!”

A note from Rick Gordon, Board President

If you’re like me, your childhood was shaped by sports, camp or being part of a Jewish community. Through these experiences, children learn valuable lessons, make life-long friendships, and understand the importance of being an active member of the community. In fact, I’m hard pressed to think of three more powerful influences on the formative years of young people.
Now imagine how impactful it would be for a child to benefit from all three experiences in one wonderful summer. JCC Maccabi Sports Camp has made that dream a reality. As we proudly enter our third season, I ask you to help bring this unique, life-changing camp experience to more children.

Finally, there is a summer home for the Jewish athlete. 

In just two years, we have witnessed the impact JCC Maccabi Sports Camp is having on our pioneering campers at this growing and thriving camp community. Our children are learning life lessons through sports and they’re building strong character and Jewish identity, all within the love and environment of a Jewish camp community.

We have an ambitious goal to raise $72,000 by the end of 2015 and we need your help.

As a sports camp, teamwork is a guiding philosophy that we live by. Coaches and staff talk about making decisions that go beyond the individual and are for the good of the community. We call this Tikkun Middot, Building Strong Character, and we incorporate teamwork into all parts of camp life and take every opportunity to teach by example. We want you to be part of our team.

In this spirit, we are asking everyone to be part of our fundraising efforts.

Today, we ask you to think of the JCC Maccabi Sports Camp community and donate to our amazing summer camp.

$1800 will provide a scholarship to one camper

$700 funds a One Happy Camper grant for a first time camper

$180 helps to buy softball equipment for our newest core sport

$36 goes towards water and snacks for campers to stay healthy and hydrated

Here are some words camp parents have used to describe their child’s camp experience.

“My son had the best experience of his life at the JCC Maccabi camp.”
“Thank you for conceiving, starting and delivering a great Jewish sports summer camp experience!”
“We want to thank you again for providing such a memorable experience for him in such a safe and nurturing environment.”
“He told us time and time again that he just felt more “at home” and “comfortable” at camp then at home, and felt like he could just be himself and everyone accepted him. He felt loved and accepted and successful, and that was just what he needed at this point in his life, from people other than his parents, to truly thrive.”

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope we can count on you to support the impactful experience that JCC Maccabi Sports Camp provides for so many Jewish youth.

Rick Gordon
Board President

PS – The advantages of summer camp last for months and even years after the summer fun ends. Your gift will benefit children and their families in more ways than either you or I can imagine.

“Camp did have an unexpected influence. In fact, after years of resisting, our son said he’d be open to a Bar Mitzvah.”


Golden Bagel Award

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A message from our Board Chair, Rick Gordon:

Josh Steinharter Honored with “Golden Bagel” Award

The Jewish Sports Hall of Fame of Northern California will be awarding camp director Josh Steinharter with the Golden Bagel Award this Sunday, November 15, 2015. The Golden Bagel is an honor bestowed upon individuals who have made a significant impact in sports and the Jewish community in Northern California.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.37.18 PMSince moving to San Francisco in 2005, Josh has been a coach, a program director, a mentor, and is now the founder and director of JCC Maccabi Sports Camp. The reason Josh is receiving this award has little to do with the titles he has held, and more to do with the impact he has made with his actions. In all of Josh’s endeavors he has acted with integrity and has shaped our community’s children by leading by example.

In doing so, Josh has shown so many young people that they can channel various aspects of their character and Jewish identity through sport.

I share Josh’s feelings that there is something uniquely special about sports; it can involve anyone and everyone and it can teach us so much about ourselves and the world around us. Josh helps kids experience this and notice it for their own self-reflection and development of their character. This is the mission we hold near and dear to us as JCC Maccabi Sports Camp, and as a result, wonderful outcomes happen every day of the summer.

I am excited to see the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame celebrating Josh’s unwavering commitment and achievements. It makes me very proud to serve on the boards of both of these organizations.

If you’re interested in supporting the great work of Josh and the JCC Maccabi Sport Camp team, please consider making a contribution.

Rick Gordon
Board Chair