Camper Spotlight: Jonathan

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Camper Spotlight: Jonathan


Cabin: Teen Leaders
Counselor(s): Harry, Sam, Joe
Core Sport: Basketball
Grade: Entering 10th

Jonathan is a veteran here at JCC Maccabi sports camp. He came last year for first and second session, and enjoyed his time so much that he decided to return this year, again for first and second session. Jonathan and I sat down during pool hour to talk about his camp experience.

What has been your favorite part of your camp experience so far?
Probably learning more about my core sport, specifically more about how it’s played. Also making new friends, and seeing old ones.

What has been the most challenging thing for you so far?
Coach Arsenio has been really pushing us in basketball, we’ve been working on conditioning a lot. It’s hard, but I stay motivated because I know it’s good for me.

What has been your favorite evening activity?
Human Mario Cart was awesome. It was an evening program where we had to work together to save Princess Peach (played by one of our counselors). I liked how there were a bunch of different challenges you had to overcome in order to advance in the race.

What is your favorite camp meal?
Last week we had hamburgers and hot dogs. It was awesome.

What is your favorite part of Shabbat at camp?
Getting the chance to do other activities besides my core sport.

What is your favorite part about an average day at camp?
I like both core sports and electives. Core sport gives me the opportunity to improve at basketball, which is why I came here. But electives add a little variety to the day, which I really like.

What’s different about this year?
There are way more campers this year, which I think is better. You get to meet more people from different places around the country and the world!

Do you have any advice for campers coming second or third session?
I’d tell them to keep in mind that small deeds turn into big deeds. This has been something that Coach Arsenio has been telling us. Basically it means that small actions, like making a pass or taking one more dribble, lead to bigger, more important actions, like an open shot or a better passing option.

Be sure to check back for more camper spotlights as the summer continues!