Staff Spotlight: Alex

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Alex will be serving as a Counselor and Assistant Coach in Basketball this summer!

Alex - photo

Alex will be joining us from England to work as a counselor and help coach basketball. He is coming towards the end of his ‘gap year’ between High School and College and after this summer in the USA he is planning on taking a three-year course to study Mechanical Engineering.

Alex started playing basketball around the age of 11 and immediately became an enthusiast. He learned the basics through weekend sessions for children aged 6 to 16 based at Taunton’s College, a local high school in Southampton, England. When he was 14 he joined Solent Kestrels, a regional club while continuing to play for his school team. He has also taken part in various summer basketball camps run by the regional team and other groups from which he gained more experience.

At the age of 16 Alex was awarded the highest sporting honors, two years early, for Basketball and then moved on to play at Peter Symonds College. This was a high school where he completed his schooling and was selected as a member of the starting five; he was soon chosen as the team captain.

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Alex, at around the age of 14, decided to try his hand at helping younger children to learn how to play basketball, so offered himself to coach weekend sessions at Taunton’s local club — the same place where he learned how to play. He has worked with various age groups from 6 to 16 yeas old for the past three years. Through his time as a player and a coach he gained considerable experience in working with children of various age groups, which enhanced his knowledge of the dynamics of the sport.

Alex is keen to start his work within the camp this summer to teach the campers all about the sport and most of all, to ensure every camper has a great time!