Staff Spotlight: Daniel

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Daniel will be a Counselor-Coach working with our Basketball program this summer!

IMG_0371Daniel Kolpak is excited to begin his first summer as one of the Israeli staff at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp this summer.

He has been playing basketball ever since he was able to hold a ball, is eager to share his love of the game with all campers, and to help them improve their basketball skills.

Daniel graduated from Amal High School Nahariya in 2009, majoring in Physical Education finishing first in his class.  He also played for the school basketball team through all if his school years and was elected Team Captain during his final year. Additionally, Daniel was appointed Assistant Coach of the school’s youth team.

For his National Service after High School, Daniel served as a computer technician and received certifications from Intel and Cisco.  During his 2 years of service, he taught kids of all ages various courses in computers, volunteered in summer camps coaching basketball, and provided tutoring and private coaching to campers as needed.

After his National Service Daniel continued teaching computers to kids and has begun instructing the new tutors as they enter the program.  Even while he was busy with teaching computers, Daniel never neglected his love for basketball and played competitively with the teams of Ma’alot and Shlomi, leading both teams to the state Quarter Finals.

Daniel is ready to teach the campers about Jewish life in Israel and about his love for basketball. He believes that no matter what you do in life you must always act with respect, kindness to your peers, and always believe in yourself to reach your full potential; he hopes to make it his priority to pass these values onto our campers.