Staff Spotlight: Gemma

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Gemma will be a Counselor and Assistant Coach for Baseball this summer!

Gemma - pic

Gemma is coming to camp all the way from Adelaide, Australia! She has taken a gap year from studying in order to work at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp this summer and will be earning her bachelor’s degree in sports management when she returns home.

Gemma will be working as an Counselor and Assistant Coach in the baseball program. She’s been playing competitive baseball since the age of 5 and has been around the sport since birth because of her parents involvement in the sport (her dad began playing as a teenager and coached both her and her brother’s team.)


Being brought up within the baseball community has given her many opportunities and Gemma has competed at the state level in Australia, umpired, scored and more recently begun coaching. Through coaching she has discovered a passion for teaching youth, with plans to run the t-ball competition at home once camp has finished!

She is so excited and grateful to have the opportunity to travel to America and continue teaching baseball at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp.