Staff Spotlight: Noam

Posted by March 27, 2015 • Share:

Noam will be a Counselor-Coach working in our Tennis program this summer! 

Noam photoNoam was born in Beer Sheva, Israel and currently teaches tennis at the Israeli Tennis Center. She also helps teach math to kids in school.

Noam started playing tennis when she was 9 years old and from the age of 10 has played competitively. Taking part in competitions all over the country, Noam practiced 5 days a week, training in tennis and fitness. At the age 16, Noam became interested in helping others to develop their tennis skills and took a tennis coaching course at the Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sports, Israel’s premiere coaching and physical education program. Since that time, Noam has been working as a tennis coach and has loved sharing her passion of tennis and helping kids and adults develop their tennis skills.

Not only does Noam want to help others improve their tennis skills, she also wants to share her belief that it’s important to be a good friend, act in respectful way, and to be fair – in tennis and in life.

She’s excited to spend her summer in California at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp.