Staff Spotlight: Toby Pechner

Posted by April 8, 2017 • Share:

Meet Toby, our official Songleader! Music has always been an important part of our camp program and we are super excited to have a veteran camp musician like Toby joining our team. Toby has years of experience leading Jewish music at camps, schools, and youth groups and will play an integral role in helping us continue to shape the Jewish culture of our community. Born and raised in San Rafael, CA, Toby played little league baseball through middle school. He attended Columbia College Chicago and graduated in 2015. While in college, Toby played for four years and was team captain three years in a row.

Fun fact: Toby is a Balldude for the San Francisco Giants!

Toby grew up going to URJ Camp Newman where he learned most of his songleading skills. He has been songleading for over 12 years and loves to bring fun to people through song. Toby can’t wait to bring new energy, enthusiasm and music to camp this summer (and maybe even show off his baseball skills!). We are thrilled to have Toby on our team and we look forward to a wonderful summer filled with music!