Strong In Character Nomination Form

Nominate Someone Strong in Character from Your Community

At camp, we don’t just talk about living by core values, we actually do it. The core value most developed at camp is “Being Strong In Character”;  which means putting the needs of others before your own.  Campers & staff develop strength in character at Maccabi. These skills are taught, encouraged, recognized, and celebrated at camp. Although camp is a place where strength in character is developed, it’s solidified, when tested, outside of camp…on the field, in the classroom, and in the home!

We want to hear your examples nominating someone from YOUR COMMUNITY being Strong in Character. Some example may include:

  • Ethical behavior in an understanding of how their choices, actions or words impacted others.
  • Strong character developed on the field and transferred to ones home, school & community.
Each month we will collect your submissions, review them and award one person our JMSC Strong In Character Socks. This individual will also be highlighted in our monthly newsletter. Please nominate someone you know – it could be a coach, a neighbor, and yes, it could be your own child – who is Strong in Character today!