Clothing & Gear

A camper wearing a Maccabi t-shirt.

If there’s one thing our campers love, it’s swag in the form of clothing and gear! And, frankly, we pride ourselves on providing the best of the best.

Whether it’s the unique T-shirt for a given summer or those coveted Third Year Hoodies and Fifth Year Fleeces, Maccabi Sports Camp leads the league in branded gear.

If you’re looking to expand your camper’s swag game, check out these items available for purchase on our Squad Locker page. 10% of each purchase comes back to camp.

Packing for Camp

Having the right clothing and gear for camp takes intention and thought. With a wide range of activities over the course of a session, it is important for each camper to pack wisely. Each camper is different; for instance, some may go heavy on socks while others might need more t-shirts. We encourage you to consult our Packing List but also advise that you use it as a guide.

Campers in green Maccabi gear.

Here are a few important reminders that we are often asked about:

Clothing Guidelines

Laundry Service

We provide laundry service to all campers at no additional cost. Laundry will be done once during each session, likely picked up around Day 8 and returned washed and folded on Day 9.

Your camper should bring enough clothes to last 10 days, but keep in mind that campers are very active and may change clothes more than once each day, particularly items like socks and T-shirts.


All campers are required to bring their own bedding. We have found that campers typically prefer to sleep with their own bedding and bedtime- related items, such as pillows, stuffies/lovies, or other comfort items from home.

The mattresses at camp are twin XL (39” W x 80” L). In addition to a fitted sheet, campers should bring a top sheet and blanket, or a sleeping bag if they prefer. They will also need a pillow, pillowcase, and 2-3 towels (1-2 for showering and 1 for pool use.)

Boy mid kick during a soccer game.


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