Why Maccabi Sports Camp

Campers playing a basketball game.

Build Strong Character and Jewish Community through Sports

Maccabi Sports Camp is proud to be the first and only Jewish sports overnight camp experience on the West Coast. Not content to rest on our laurels as pioneers, we are passionate about creating an amazing camp experience each and every year for our campers. Maccabi Sports Camp delivers top-notch sports training, personal growth, friendships and a warm and inclusive Jewish community to campers from all around the United States, Canada and beyond.

Amazing Camp Experience

Our camp experience is built on relationships with campers from professionals who care about each child and want to provide the right support and encouragement for their development. We complement that with top-notch athletic facilities and training, along with meaningful Jewish programs and celebrations and fun social activities like Casino Night, Beach Party, and other memorable evening programs. It’s all part of the Maccabi signature style and it sets us apart from other camp experiences.

Campers having a good time at a camp gathering.

He shared so much about his experiences with the routine and the Shabbat experience. He loved the food and the movies and the rest time. I really don’t think there was anything he didn’t love. He felt seen and understood and trusted you all.

Parent of a first-time camper

Aditya had a fantastic time at Maccabi Sports Camp. He wants to build a time machine to go back. Thank you and thanks to all the staff and counselors for making it a great experience.

EVERY DAY, she counts down the number of days until camp next year.

Parent of a first-time camper

I wanted to send you a follow up message and let you know how great of a time Maddie and Nathan had at camp. Their reaction when I picked them up was, ‘How come you never sent us here before?.’ They had the BEST time. We loved hearing all of their stories, including the amazing experiences they had both playing sports and making new friends.

Parent of first-time campers

Drew can’t say enough wonderful things about his experience at camp. The counselors, the trainers, the activities and Shabbat were all incredible.

Parent of four-year camper

Personal Growth

Maccabi Sports Camp is about building character. Campers are welcomed to our community at Opening Ceremonies, a time to establish our values and remind everyone of the power of being part of a supportive and inclusive community. Similarly, we culminate our session at Closing Ceremonies where we celebrate the achievements of individuals and the community. Awards celebrating our core values are given to the campers who demonstrate strong character and determination, spirit, willingness to try new things and being a “Mensch.”

Two friends with arms around each other.

Soren came back from camp transformed. He was transformed into a kid who wanted to help out around the house. He was kinder and more generous. Though still competitive during family game nights, he became a better sport, displaying grace in defeat.

Parent of first-time camper

Both our girls had the most amazing time at camp this year. I think Lily was transformed actually. Exposure to new (and old) friends, cultures and lifestyles got her so excited to see and learn more in life.

Parent of eight-year camper and staff

A Passion for Sports

We wouldn’t be Maccabi Sports Camp without the top-notch sports! Our young athletes benefit from training in their chosen core sport with head and assistant coaches who are experts in their field. Our coaching staff is adept at relating to athletes, regardless of their skill level, at motivating them to give their best effort, and then recognizing those efforts. Our entire staff believes in the importance of providing positive reinforcement and creating a fun environment, encouraging players to try new things, challenge themselves, and grow from failure. Skill advancement and an increase in self-confidence are a natural outcome.

Boys standing on a baseball field.

I wanted to tell you that the director of coaching at our soccer club came over to share how much our child has improved over the summer—for which we thank Maccabi!

Parent of first-time camper

We honestly thought it was too much to ask to have our kids really improve at the sport they love AND have a wonderful Jewish camp experience- but JCC Maccabi delivered. They all had a great time and developed stronger independence and self-care skills

Parent of three first-time campers

Jewish Community

Maccabi Sports Camp was founded on the belief that an inclusive and warm Jewish camp experience is for every kid who loves sports. Jewish practice and values are woven throughout the Maccabi camp experience, from the “Modeh Ani” wake-up song at the Morning Huddle and sharing our daily intention (kavanah), to learning about and applying the Jewish concept of “Shmirat haguf,” guarding the body, by caring for our mind, body and soul.

Man playing guitar at a Shabbat gathering.

For Kyra, camp over the years has been such a special part of her forming her identity, learning leadership skills and making lifelong friends. This year being a counselor took all that to a new level. All of this has helped strengthen her Jewish identity and her self-confidence.

Parent of seven year camper/staff member

It’s so clear to us that this community is cultivated with care and based on the values you present.

Parent of first-time camper

Our core values

Tikkun Middot, Building Character

If there’s anything we want our campers to take away, it’s the value of ethical behavior and an understanding of how their choices, actions, and words impact others. Sports are a vehicle through which strong character can be developed; how we all handle winning, losing, and the competition inherent in sports is of utmost importance. The strong character that we develop on the field — as an individual and as a teammate — can translate to being a person of strong character throughout the rest of our lives.

Campers sitting at a gathering and listening.

K’lal Yisrael, Welcoming Jewish People and Friends

We all know, it’s not just the similarities but the differences that unite Jewish people (all people) worldwide. And as campers and athletes of different backgrounds are encouraged to support one another, they experience what it means to create a genuine community, at our camp and beyond.


Group of campers with arms around each other.

Shmirat Haguf, Guarding the Body

We promote living a healthy lifestyle— specifically caring for the mind, body, and soul. The value of Shmirat HaGuf is present in everything we do at camp, from stretching before sports to staying hydrated, eating balanced meals and wearing sunscreen.

Girls playing soccer.

Shabbat Shalom, Time of Rest & Gratitude

As it is in life, so it is in sports—it’s important to take a break from time to time! So, we set some of that aside to step away from competition and instruction to reflect, rejuvenate, and connect. Further, it’s critical that members of our community include gratitude as part of their personal reflection, assigning time to show appreciation for all that we’re fortunate to enjoy inside and out of camp.

Campers at Shabbat listenin to a speaker.
Campers playing soccer.

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