Wellness & Safety (Covid-19 Protocols)

Campers and counselors hanging out on the lawn.

The health and safety of our campers is always a priority in Maccabi Sports Camp, even more so in the age of Covid-19.

While we measure the success of each camper based on how they develop skills in their given sport, new friends they make and old connections they solidify and their comfort and connection to a meaningful Jewish community, in the end, ensuring that every camper feel safe, and returns home in the physical and emotional condition they arrived is our number one priority.

Prioritizing the safety of our campers comes in several levels. We start by having a direct and personal connection with each family, getting to know them and their child, understanding any challenges that may face the camper as they enter our community, providing the support the family needs to trust our staff and make them successful. This may come through conversations with the Director, Associate Director, or other support staff that will be at camp and in position to provide the support they need.

Health Center and Staff

During the summer, camp facilitates a Health Center on-site and employs key medical and mental health staff to ensure a safe experience. Our staff includes a Registered Nurse (RN), Certified Athletic Trainer (CAT), as well as a dedicated Camper Care team that tends to the mental and emotional needs of our community.

The main role of the RN is to administer medications to campers and staff including those taken for behavioral or allergy reasons. All medications, including over the counter (OTC), are kept in the health center to ensure they are taken at the prescribed time. The RN also tends to day-to-day needs such as rashes, colds, and other minor things that may arise. The Athletic Trainer specifically handles sports-related injuries such as sprains, muscle fatigue, and concussions. Should a camper experience an ailment or injury beyond the kinds listed, we would take them to a nearby medical facility such a Stanford Hospital or the nearest Kaiser. We also have a relationship with a local pediatrician, dentist, and orthodontist.

Group of girls sitting together at Sabbath.
Kids enthusiastically raising their hands at Sabbath.

Camp believes that mental health is just as important as physical health and has made it a priority to have a staff member dedicated to the mental and emotional health of our community for several summers. The role this individual plays starts well before the summer begins by having conversations with parents to understand a child’s feelings or possible needs in coming to camp and creating a game plan that leads to success for that individual. Extensive training happens during Staff Week to better prepare all staff. The mental health professional leads the camper care team along with this Associate Director in addressing issues during the session such as missing home and other social dynamics that might present challenges.


The summer of 2021 provided new challenges with the Covid-19 pandemic. Through extensive conversations and ongoing support with our specially created Medical Task Force, which included doctors, nurses and public health specialists, Maccabi Sports Camp implemented strict policies and mitigation protocols to ensure that we were able to create a safe and Covid-free camp experience. Should the landscape of Covid continue in a way that impacts summer 2022, these policies would again be put in place as they have proven successful.

One specific policy that is important to point out is the requirement that all campers and staff must be “up to date”, per CDC guidelines, with the Covid-19 vaccine. Limited medical exemptions may be granted with the support and documentation of your family’s doctor.

If you would like to talk further about a medical or mental health question, or to learn more about our Covid-19 protocols and procedures, set up some time with Josh, Camp Director.


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