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How old do I have to be to work at Maccabi Sports Camp?

All staff members are required to be at least 18 years of age or a high school graduate. If you are under 18 and a rising 12th grader, then you can be a Junior Counselor!

How do I apply for a job?

All candidates apply online. When we receive your completed application, we review it and schedule a personal interview if we feel you’re qualified. We call references and before making an offer. Employment is conditional on successful passing of a background check.

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What qualifications do you seek in your staff?

Maccabi Sports Camp staff members are selected in a highly competitive process that includes a written application, reference letters, and an interview. Be sure to read the entire job description for each position.

We want people who are fun, outgoing, enthusiastic, creative, mature, responsible, hard working and, most importantly, really want to work at our camp. We seek counselors who see the job as an opportunity to develop themselves and impact the lives of our campers. In Assistant Coaches, we look for experience playing and/or coaching one of our core sports as well as significant experience working in a structured environment with kids (beyond babysitting).

How much will I get paid? And when?

Salary structure differs based on position. In addition to payment, all members of camp staff receive free housing, all meals every day, time off, and the opportunity to be part of an amazing camp community. All staff are paid bi-weekly and can receive payment via direct deposit or cheque.

Do I have to work the whole summer or is it possible to work selected sessions?

It’s our goal to hire staff members for the entire summer (7 weeks: 2 three-week sessions plus one week of training). Camp is a community shaped by everyone involved, particularly the staff, and consistency helps make camp a positive experience for our campers.

If you are not able to commit to the entire summer, you may still apply. But, keep in mind that priority is given to candidates that are available for all seven weeks.

I live nearby. Can I sleep at home?

It depends on your position. If you are a Counselor-Coach, Head Counselor, or Leadership Team member you must live at camp. Overnight camp is an experience for both campers and staff. Building a strong camp community is dependent on everyone being present and fully committed to being here, and living in and being part of our immersive experience is by far one of the more rewarding ways to feel part of camp. That said, there are sometimes positions that can be successful living off camp and we encourage you to be in touch with our staff to discuss.

How often do I receive time off?

Working at summer camp is rewarding, yet non-stop work. It’s important to take time to rest and stay fresh.

Time off is built into every staff member’s day. You may use this time to nap, unwind, exercise, read, or go for a walk. Each night, after the campers are safe and asleep in their dorms, and if you’re not assigned to evening supervision, you may relax and enjoy some down time. Periodic days off are given to staff throughout the summer as well as a day off between each session.

Will I have access to email and other social media during the summer?

This is an interesting question. We have a strict electronics policy in that we do not allow campers to use cell phones or personal electronics with screens. Staff are not permitted to use cell phones during the day or carry them while working directly with the campers. After the campers go to bed or during daily time off, staff members may use their phones and personal electronics. There are also a few communal televisions for staff to watch movies, play video games, and simply unwind from a long day.

Have Additional Questions?

Reach out if you have additional questions about working at Maccabi Sports Camp

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