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Highlights from JCC Maccabi Sports Camp – Session II

Summer Highlights from Session II

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Photos from Session II

The Best Moments From Session II

Here are some of our favorite memories from this summer…

  • We celebrated the 4th of July with Rib Day, So You Think You Can Dance – Patriotic Style and Sparklers
  • Volleyball had its largest group of campers ever!
  • Teen Leaders had an incredible session, with a 1st-ever-in-Maccabi-history night kayak trip in Half Moon Bay (and secret hint to the Maccabi Cup themes – Jungle and Ocean)
  • Maccabi Cup began by shaking things up by letting reigning Cup Captains Ricky and Jacob Mac stay on for Blue Ocean to take on newbies Dan and Ethan  for Green Jungle. Then, the Maccabi Marathon came down to a photo finish. Thank goodness for Digimeds – “Ahhhh, Digi meeds, digi meeds, digi meeds…” (sing it with us)
  • We honored Coach Stu and 7-Eleven slurpee day with an outing to get slurpees – yum!
  • For the Talent show we had all kinds of talent on display – singing, dancing, magic tricks and farting!