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Highlights from JCC Maccabi Sports Camp Session III

Summer Highlights from Session III

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Photos from Session III

The Best Moments From Session III

Here are some of our favorite memories from this summer…

  • We put our Cabin names down in ink – or rather, paint, and then had a surprise Root Beer Float party
  • Casino Night offered some of the most coveted prizes of the summer, with a late sleep donut breakfast and an ice cream party with Coach Jason on the table, the stakes were high.
  • Teen Leaders had an awesome session, with secret trip to an Escape Room – don’t worry, they escaped! (and secret hint to the Maccabi Cup themes – Spies and Ninjas)
  • During Maccabi Cup, we put a new twist – or jump – on things with a swim meet. Campers and staff competed in swimming, diving and crazy jumps into the pool. Can you make a bigger splash?
  • Talent was abundant during the Talent show – hosted by the incomparable Zach Baum and Gil. We had singing, dancing, and water drinking. Yup. Water Drinking. And don’t forget about the staff Flash Mob to everyone’s favorite clean-up song, All Star.
  • To top it all off – with sprinkles and chocolate – we were surprised by an ICE CREAM TRUCK on the last day. It made the sadness of goodbye a little bit easier to swallow.