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Build Strong Character and Jewish Community through Sports

If your child loves sports and wants to advance his or her skills in a supportive camp environment, you’ve found the perfect camp. During our two-week sessions, campers focus on developing athletic skills and improving as teammates in their sport of choice — Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Flag Football, Hip Hop Dance, or Running & Fitness.

Our focus is sports, yet balanced with fun and traditional Jewish camp excitement. Each day includes skills and drills plus competitive game play, with a focus on improving as individuals and teammates.

A Meaningful Experience

As a compliment to our emphasis on skill development, our camp is guided by Jewish values and the meaningful way they integrate into the athletic and community experience. We believe the life skills learned through sports are as important as the sports skills themselves.

Our Core Values

Building team spirit

Camp is guided by our core values:

Tikkun Middot, Building Character
If there’s anything we want our campers to take away, it’s the value of ethical behavior and an understanding of how their choices, actions, and words impact others.  Sports are a vehicle through which strong character can be developed; how we all handle winning, losing, and the competition inherent in sports is of utmost importance. The strong character that we develop on the field — as an individual and as a teammate — can translate to being a person of strong character throughout the rest of our lives.

K’lal Yisrael, Welcoming Jewish People and Friends
We all know, it’s not just the similarities but the differences that unite Jewish people (all people) worldwide. And as campers and athletes of different backgrounds are encouraged to support one another, they experience what it means to create a genuine community, at our camp and beyond.

Shmirat Haguf, Guarding the Body
We promote living a healthy lifestyle—à la caring for mind, body, and soul. The value of Shmirat HaGuf is present in everything we do at camp, from stretching before sports to staying hydrated, eating balanced meals and wearing sunscreen.

Shabbat Shalom, Time of Rest & Gratitude
As it is in life, so it is in sports—it’s important to take a break from time to time! So, we set some of that aside to step away from competition and instruction to reflect, rejuvenate, and connect.

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