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Each day, campers at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp have two Core Sports sessions, totaling about 4 hours of training in their Core Sport. Our specialized sports program enables young athletes to develop their skills as individual players and as teammates within a fun and supportive summer camp environment.  We also believe that game play is an important part of learning a sport so each day campers get the opportunity to play games during one of the two Core Sports sessions.

Campers select a Core Sport at the time of registration and focus on that sport for the entire session. Campers who sign up for multiple sessions can choose to remain in the same Core Sport or choose a different one.


We offer the following Core Sports:

All of our Core Sports are led by Head Coaches who bring a passion for sports and years of experience playing and coaching at a high level. Read more about our staff here.

In addition to the two Core Sports sessions, campers also have swimming, electives, cabin time, and unforgettable Evening Programs.  Click here to read more about our program and find out what makes our camp unique.

Our Philosophy

“Coachability” is really the key to success at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp. An interest in being coached and a desire for specific, personal direction are far more important than athletic ability when it comes to determining if your son or daughter is a good fit for our camp.

We place great emphasis on effort, fully applying oneself, facing adversity, playing and practicing with enthusiasm, and making your teammates better. Jumping and making contact to get a rebound are as valuable as getting the rebound. Taking four shots on goal or running hard through the bag are as important to an athlete’s progress as scoring or getting a hit. If they love to play sports and are eager to learn—this is their camp.

While part of our focus is on fundamentals and game strategy, campers also build confidence progressing toward individual goals. And because everyone arrives with different sport experience (recreational leagues, school teams, travel clubs) and advances at their own pace, we strategically group players to ensure they get the most from camp. What they learn in competition, in practice, and from our coaches in our supportive environment helps them develop character and become more valuable team members.


Core Sports

All of our Core Sports programs devote time during each sports period to properly warm-up, cool-down, and stretch. They also work on improving strength, conditioning, speed, and agility at age-appropriate levels. Campers learn a combination of technical skills while furthering their understanding of the tactical side of their sport — the strategy and teamwork that is integral to improvement in sports. Lastly, the success of young athletes depends not just on training but also on their health — eating nutritious food and staying hydrated, which are part of our core value of Shmirat HaGuf, guarding the body.

While enjoying authentic game play, campers advance their understanding of each position and its importance to the success of the team. Improve outfield and infield fundamentals, base running, pitching techniques, hitting, and decision-making. Dive deep into the physical, mental, and philosophical elements of America’s pastime.

Campers will improve fundamental skills of ball handling, shooting, passing, and footwork. They will learn offensive schemes and playing off the ball, as well as defensive strategy and technique. Teamwork and “talking to each other” are also integral parts of the game and are a focus of our program.

Experience the ins and outs of soccer. Improve your dribbling, passing, trapping, and shooting. Work on ball handling skills with your non-dominant foot, learn about spacing, playing off the ball, and how your role at each position shifts as game situations change. Soccer is a game of constant transitions; learn the offensive and defensive strategies and techniques of “the beautiful game”.

Engage in the physical and intellectual elements of tennis. Campers will hone skills appropriate to their level, including stroke development, serves and returns, defense and attacks. Learn to hit harder and with improved accuracy. Play singles and doubles games, learning about strategy and improving mental stamina and physical agility.

Our intensive volleyball program will challenge and motivate players of all levels to learn more about team volleyball while focusing on individual skills. Players will develop fundamentals including serving, passing, setting, and hitting and have the opportunity to encompass all these skills in traditional and fun game situations.