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Staff Spotlight: Noam

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Noam will be a Counselor-Coach working in our Tennis program this summer! 

Noam photoNoam was born in Beer Sheva, Israel and currently teaches tennis at the Israeli Tennis Center. She also helps teach math to kids in school.

Noam started playing tennis when she was 9 years old and from the age of 10 has played competitively. Taking part in competitions all over the country, Noam practiced 5 days a week, training in tennis and fitness. At the age 16, Noam became interested in helping others to develop their tennis skills and took a tennis coaching course at the Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sports, Israel’s premiere coaching and physical education program. Since that time, Noam has been working as a tennis coach and has loved sharing her passion of tennis and helping kids and adults develop their tennis skills.

Not only does Noam want to help others improve their tennis skills, she also wants to share her belief that it’s important to be a good friend, act in respectful way, and to be fair – in tennis and in life.

She’s excited to spend her summer in California at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp.

Staff Spotlight: Emma

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Emma will be working as a Counselor-Coach in our Soccer program this summer!

Whitwell, Emma_PhotoBorn and raised in Los Angeles, California, Emma has been playing soccer for over fifteen years. She has a deep love of the sport and has participated in all aspects of it—from being a player, a fan, a referee, and a coach. Emma truly enjoys working with developing players, and this has led her to being a volunteer and part time coach for leagues in her area. She has also coached at Nike soccer camps and clinics run by her college team at UC Santa Cruz.  Emma plays center defense for the UCSC school team, but in the past she has played every position, from striker to goalkeeper.

At UCSC, Emma is working toward a marine biology degree with a minor in education and is currently in her second year of college. She is an advanced SCUBA diver and loves learning more about the natural world. When not in class or playing soccer, Emma enjoys exploring with her friends — if it can be done outdoors Emma probably loves doing it. She will go looking for new forest trails to hike, hidden beaches to surf, rivers to fish or hole in the wall cafes in the city to relax and share stories of adventures.

Emma can’t wait for the summer and to begin coaching at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp!

Staff Spotlight: Daniel

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Daniel will be a Counselor-Coach working with our Basketball program this summer!

IMG_0371Daniel Kolpak is excited to begin his first summer as one of the Israeli staff at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp this summer.

He has been playing basketball ever since he was able to hold a ball, is eager to share his love of the game with all campers, and to help them improve their basketball skills.

Daniel graduated from Amal High School Nahariya in 2009, majoring in Physical Education finishing first in his class.  He also played for the school basketball team through all if his school years and was elected Team Captain during his final year. Additionally, Daniel was appointed Assistant Coach of the school’s youth team.

For his National Service after High School, Daniel served as a computer technician and received certifications from Intel and Cisco.  During his 2 years of service, he taught kids of all ages various courses in computers, volunteered in summer camps coaching basketball, and provided tutoring and private coaching to campers as needed.

After his National Service Daniel continued teaching computers to kids and has begun instructing the new tutors as they enter the program.  Even while he was busy with teaching computers, Daniel never neglected his love for basketball and played competitively with the teams of Ma’alot and Shlomi, leading both teams to the state Quarter Finals.

Daniel is ready to teach the campers about Jewish life in Israel and about his love for basketball. He believes that no matter what you do in life you must always act with respect, kindness to your peers, and always believe in yourself to reach your full potential; he hopes to make it his priority to pass these values onto our campers.


Staff Spotlight: Sam

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Sam will be working as a Counselor-Coach for soccer this summer!

Sam is coming to JCC Maccabi Sports Camp all the way from London, England. When he arrives at camp he will have just finished his first year as a medical student, studying at Newcastle University.

Sam WhitemanHaving played soccer from the age of 5, he has a huge passion for sports and is a massive fan of the soccer team Arsenal.

Leading at many multi-sport camps as well as mentoring children struggling with their subjects at school, Sam has gained strong leadership skills and won an award at school for his contribution and success. Sam also loves to be part of the Jewish community, always involved socially and cannot wait to bring some of the British culture to America this summer.

He is very excited to be a camp counselor and would like to thank JCC Maccabi Sports Camp along with Jewish Camps USA for giving him the most amazing opportunity.

He is also looking forward to meeting all of the campers and fellow leaders and taking on this new and exciting challenge!


* * * * *

Sam is coming to JCC Maccabi Sports Camp as part of the Jewish Camps USA program, which places Jewish staff from the United Kingdom at residential JCC Camps around the US. This program was started by two former JCC camp staff and now operates at more than 10 JCC camps around the country, providing our camps with the great opportunity for learning about Jewish life and culture in the UK. 

Staff Spotlight: Joseph

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Joseph will be a Counselor-Coach working with soccer and tennis this summer!

Joseph Reece was born in London, England and currently studies Business and Spanish at the University of Birmingham.

Joseph Reece - photoHe has a variety of coaching experience under his belt, working as Head of Multi-Sport at Maccabi GB in London, leading summer camps for young children. Additionally, Joseph is a qualified Sports Leader, and also achieved an FA Level 1 Coaching Course Badge in 2014.

Joseph has always relished the rewarding and gratifying opportunity to work with children and improve their sporting ability in a fun and enjoyable way.  Joseph specializes in soccer and tennis, and has a wealth of experience in which he can put to good use on camp this summer.  A player on his University team at soccer in Birmingham, Joseph also captains his own 5-aside team that won the championship last year!

Joseph wants to help the campers improve in their sports and also highlight the importance of successful teamwork and leadership within a team. To Joseph, the most important thing is having a good time by playing a sport with your friends in a fair and competitive manner; this is what Joseph hopes to see at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp this summer.

* * * * *

Joseph is coming to JCC Maccabi Sports Camp as part of the Jewish Camps USA program, which places Jewish staff from the United Kingdom at residential JCC Camps around the US. This program was started by two former JCC camp staff and now operates at more than 10 JCC camps around the country, providing our camps with the great opportunity for learning about Jew life and culture in the UK.