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Staff Spotlight: Grant

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Grant will be returning for his 2nd summer as a Counselor and Assistant Coach for Tennis!


Grant Kahn is excited to return to camp for his second season as a counselor and assistant coach for tennis. He’s going into his sophomore year at the University of Oregon where he is active in many club sports including tennis, basketball, and rock climbing.

His high school tennis career was highlighted by going to the Oregon state championship tournament four years in row, making it to the quarter finals and semi finals. He was also a two-time district champion in singles and doubles.

He will be with us for the 1st and 3rd sessions because he will be in Israel on Birthright during Session 2.

Grant’s philosophy going into camp this summer is to offer the campers a well rounded experience and to share with them his values of staying healthy, improving in your sport as much as possible, and most importantly, having fun!



Staff Spotlight: Gemma

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Gemma will be a Counselor and Assistant Coach for Baseball this summer!

Gemma - pic

Gemma is coming to camp all the way from Adelaide, Australia! She has taken a gap year from studying in order to work at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp this summer and will be earning her bachelor’s degree in sports management when she returns home.

Gemma will be working as an Counselor and Assistant Coach in the baseball program. She’s been playing competitive baseball since the age of 5 and has been around the sport since birth because of her parents involvement in the sport (her dad began playing as a teenager and coached both her and her brother’s team.)


Being brought up within the baseball community has given her many opportunities and Gemma has competed at the state level in Australia, umpired, scored and more recently begun coaching. Through coaching she has discovered a passion for teaching youth, with plans to run the t-ball competition at home once camp has finished!

She is so excited and grateful to have the opportunity to travel to America and continue teaching baseball at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp.







Staff Spotlight: Daniel

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Daniel will be joining us for Session 3 to work as a Counselor and Assistant Coach!

Daniel is from San Francisco, California. He just graduated from high school and will be starting college at UC Santa Barbara’s Engineering School next fall.

Daniel loves playing sports, especially soccer, which he started when he was 5 and tennis, which he started at age 9. He played on his high school’s soccer and tennis teams all four years and also loves playing baseball, football and ping-pong with his friends on the weekends. On top of playing sports, Daniel is also a huge fan of the San Jose Earthquakes, FC Barcelona and the San Francisco Giants.

Daniel Bunimovitz - photoIn his sophomore year of high school, he began working as an assistant coach for his middle school’s third grade soccer team. He has also been a referee for both outdoor and indoor soccer, as well as a math tutor for 8th and 9th graders. Daniel loves seeing the kids he works with improve and is looking forward to sharing his love of sports with the campers.

Daniel is a hardworking student (when he isn’t busy playing or watching sports). He speaks English, Hebrew and Spanish and plans on majoring in Mechanical Engineering at UCSB. One of the things he attributes to his success in school are the values and skills he learned playing on sports teams, such as communication, collaboration and a hard work ethic.

He’s really excited to be working at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp this summer and can’t wait to meet all the campers and the other staff members.


Staff Spotlight: Alex

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Alex will be serving as a Counselor and Assistant Coach in Basketball this summer!

Alex - photo

Alex will be joining us from England to work as a counselor and help coach basketball. He is coming towards the end of his ‘gap year’ between High School and College and after this summer in the USA he is planning on taking a three-year course to study Mechanical Engineering.

Alex started playing basketball around the age of 11 and immediately became an enthusiast. He learned the basics through weekend sessions for children aged 6 to 16 based at Taunton’s College, a local high school in Southampton, England. When he was 14 he joined Solent Kestrels, a regional club while continuing to play for his school team. He has also taken part in various summer basketball camps run by the regional team and other groups from which he gained more experience.

At the age of 16 Alex was awarded the highest sporting honors, two years early, for Basketball and then moved on to play at Peter Symonds College. This was a high school where he completed his schooling and was selected as a member of the starting five; he was soon chosen as the team captain.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 1.45.29 PM

Alex, at around the age of 14, decided to try his hand at helping younger children to learn how to play basketball, so offered himself to coach weekend sessions at Taunton’s local club — the same place where he learned how to play. He has worked with various age groups from 6 to 16 yeas old for the past three years. Through his time as a player and a coach he gained considerable experience in working with children of various age groups, which enhanced his knowledge of the dynamics of the sport.

Alex is keen to start his work within the camp this summer to teach the campers all about the sport and most of all, to ensure every camper has a great time!