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JCC Maccabi Games Info Sessions

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Bay Area U14 girls basketball team.

Bay Area U14 girls basketball team.

Calling all Jewish athletes between the ages of 13 and 16! Have you ever thought about participating in the JCC Maccabi Games?

Each August, delegations of athletes and coaches travel to host cities across the country to represent their local Jewish Community Center in baseball, basketball, flag football, in-line hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, volleyball, dance, golf, swimming, table tennis, tennis, and track & field.

If you are interested in bringing your skills to the competition, contact the Delegation Head at your local JCC to find out if they are taking a delegation to the 2016 JCC Maccabi Games.

Click here to view contact information for JCC delegation heads.   

The next step to learn more about the Games and your local delegation is to attend a JCC Maccabi Games info session.  Ask your delegation head about info sessions in your area.

Below are some upcoming info sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.


San Francisco Bay Area

Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

Tuesday, January 26th

6:00 pm at the JCCSF

Email Abby Cutler for more information,


Wednesday, February 3rd

6:00 pm at the JCCSF

Email Abby Cutler for more information,


Los Angeles Area

Westside JCC

(City Based Info Session)

Tuesday, December 22nd

7:00 pm at the Westside JCC

Email Rebecca Sachs and Ari Cohen for more information,


(Valley Based Info Session)

Sunday, January 10th

Time and Location TBA

Email Rebecca Sachs and Ari Cohen for more information,



A Day in the Life: Evening Programs

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People often ask us how our camp is different than a “regular” sports camp. There are a bunch of things that make us unique, but in this blog post we’ll address one simple (yet significant) difference: Evening Programs. Our campers enjoy an Evening Program each night, taking a break from the instruction and competition of Core Sports. Evening Programs allow campers to have fun, learn new games, be silly, interact with various groups at camp, and make friends with campers outside their cabin and Core Sport.

Evening Program highlights from this summer were Human Mario Kart, Pool Night, “Quapture” the Flag, Israel Night, Talent Show, and Sports Movie Night.

If you’re having a hard time picturing just what Human Mario Kart and other programs look like, here are some brief explanations:

Human Mario Kart took the beloved video game and turned it into real life. Campers and staff were divided into 4 teams based on Mario Kart characters (Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong) and competed in a series of challenges that took place on a “track”, designated by cones set up on grass. The challenges included individual, small group, and full team activities, and the kids had a blast helping each other and watching one another (and their counselors) participate.

Quapture the Flag (yes, we invented the word “Quapture”) is our version of Capture the Flag. It’s played on the Quad which was divided into quadrants (hence the “Qu” in Quapture). Four teams competed to retrieve the flags from the other teams without getting caught. While it may have looked a bit chaotic, any camper would tell you that there’s actually a lot of strategy that goes into this game.

Pool Night was for our older age groups, Varsity and Teen Leaders. The 8th-11th graders enjoyed a night away from the younger campers and got the pool to themselves. They organized games for themselves, socialized, ate snacks, and enjoyed some quality teen time.

Sports Movie Night is always a camper favorite, whether they’ve seen the movie before or not. Some of our favorites include The Sandlot, Space Jam, Million Dollar Arm, Rookie of the Year, and the Mighty Ducks trilogy. (Don’t fret, parents, we divide the camp between older and younger kids and always select age-appropriate movies. Email us if you have a sports movie to recommend!)

The Talent Show occurs on the last Thursday of each session, an anticipated program for campers of all ages. During the Talent Show our campers (and a few staff) perform talents of all kinds; we’ve had singers, dancers, piano players, magicians, entire cabins presenting a choreographed dance and rap, Kendama pros, joke-tellers, gymnasts, and more. It’s one of our favorite programs because we love seeing campers perform in front of their friends and show off their talents outside of sports.

Each summer we create new and exciting Evening Programs, so campers can always look forward to learning new games, meeting new people, and being silly after a day of working hard in their Core Sport. We can’t wait to find our what our creative Program Director and Counselors have in store for next summer!


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