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Staff Spotlight: Medical Team

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JCC Maccabi Sports Camp is privileged to have an amazing Medical Team at camp. Our Health Center is located on camp in the dorm where most campers and staff live and is staffed by at both a Registered Nurse and a certified Athletic Trainer daily.

Our Medical Team is available 24 hours a day and able to handle any and all medical issues. Most medical situations, such as colds, allergies, sprains, and dehydration will all be handled on-site.

Meet the 2017 Medical Team!

Tommey Burke, Camp Nurse Sessions 1 & 2

Tommey has been a school nurse (RN, BSN) in Scottsdale, Arizona for over 22 years, working with both high school and medically fragile elementary students. Prior to that, she worked in Labor and Delivery at local hospitals. She and her husband love to travel, and in the past year have visited England, Iceland, Mexico and Thailand. She loves hiking, biking, and used to be a national champion in table tennis (aka ping pong!). Tommey is passionate about exercise, good diet, and encouraging others to get out and exercise and adopt a healthy lifestyle. She has two grandchildren who will be attending camp this summer, spunky Erica (tennis and lacrosse) and sweet Matt (basketball). Tommey looks forward to meeting all of the campers and helping them to stay healthy, have fun, and reach their potential as an athlete. She has been camp nurse at the Rainbow Children’s Cancer Camp, and Camp Unitown, and looks forward to another unique camp experience.


Deborah Meschel, Camp Nurse Session 3

Meet Deborah! Deborah has been a school nurse for over 18 years and will be joining us as our camp nurse this summer. She has her BSN and has recently received her Masters Degree in nursing.  Currently Deborah is a clinical nurse instructor at Dominican University and specializes in community health nursing.

Deborah has grown up attending Jewish summer camps and is a product of the camp experience. She has been a camp nurse at several Jewish summer camps across the state of California and is excited to join us at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp this summer. She currently lives in Marin, with her husband and two children Jacob, 17 and Rebecca, 14 who will be also be joining us at camp this summer.



Ceckia “Kia” Pierce, Athletic Trainer Session 1

Meet Kia! Joining us from Kansas, Kia will be coming to camp this summer to be our Athletic Trainer. Kia graduated from Southwest Baptist University where she ran track and field. She was a 6 time MIAA first team runner and a 5 time division 2 national qualifier.

Currently Kia is a graduate student at Fort Hays State University where she is an assistant coach for the track and field team. At FHSU, Kia is working towards a Masters Degree in Sports Administration.

A true sports enthusiast, Kia is looking forward to joining us at camp this summer and taking care of our athletes and staff.


Jennifer O’Hara, Athletic Trainer Sessions 2 & 3

atc jennJennifer O’Hara currently works as an Athletic Trainer for Saint Mary’s College, a Division 1 school in California. Preiviously, she was an Assistant Athletic Trainer at Menlo College where her primary responsibilities were coverage of Men’s basketball and Women’s basketball as well as Volleyball.

Jennifer is a 2008 graduate of University of California, Davis with a degree in Exercise Biology, in 2009 she started her graduate work at the University of Hawaii, working with football and women’s volleyball.  She completed her graduate work at Bridgewater State University, working with men’s soccer, wrestling, as well as swimming and diving.   Jennifer comes to Menlo College from the University of the Pacific, where she spent a year working primarily with off-season baseball, off-season women’s soccer and volleyball.  Having worked across California at various summer camps, Jennifer brings extensive youth summer camp experience to JCC Maccabi Sports Camp.


Staff Spotlight: Jack Brand

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Meet Jack! Jack is from Watford, England which is just outside of London. He loves sports and is a soccer enthusiast. He is a huge fan of Chelsea and has been all of his life. He is currently studying Business, Accounting and Finance at Newcastle University where he plays soccer (or as they call it- football) regularly and enjoys the competitive aspect of playing at University. He has led summer camps for kids in England before, and is looking forward to joining our team in sunny San Francisco this summer!

Staff Spotlight: Toby Pechner

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Meet Toby, our official Songleader! Music has always been an important part of our camp program and we are super excited to have a veteran camp musician like Toby joining our team. Toby has years of experience leading Jewish music at camps, schools, and youth groups and will play an integral role in helping us continue to shape the Jewish culture of our community. Born and raised in San Rafael, CA, Toby played little league baseball through middle school. He attended Columbia College Chicago and graduated in 2015. While in college, Toby played for four years and was team captain three years in a row.

Fun fact: Toby is a Balldude for the San Francisco Giants!

Toby grew up going to URJ Camp Newman where he learned most of his songleading skills. He has been songleading for over 12 years and loves to bring fun to people through song. Toby can’t wait to bring new energy, enthusiasm and music to camp this summer (and maybe even show off his baseball skills!). We are thrilled to have Toby on our team and we look forward to a wonderful summer filled with music!



Staff Spotlight: Harel ben David

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All the way from Israel, meet Harel! Harel’s passion for sports stared as a young child playing soccer. He later turned into a basketball all-star and has recently been turned on to American football. He is a self proclaimed crazy sports fan and often wakes up in the middle of the night in order to watch live games in the U.S. time zones! Harel was in the Big Brother program here in Israel and was assigned to work with an orphan child. He spent significant time with him for several months, becoming a friend and confinement. That experience inspired him to come to camp and leave an impact on more children. Harel has represented his base in multiple Israeli Air Force tournaments and is also playing professional American football in the Israeli league. He is extremely excited to come to camp and spread his knowledge and passion with our campers. 

Staff Spotlight: Ryan Greenfield

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Ryan Greenfield grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been involved in sports his whole life. After earning his Bachelor’s degree, Ryan was drawn back to sports and has found a passion and career in coaching and teaching. Ryan has spent the past nine years as a baseball coach and manager at levels ranging from Little League to High School. Currently Ryan is coaching baseball and teaching Physical Education at Kehillah Jewish High School. Ryan’s baseball and teaching philosophies are similar in that he believes that students/players should be in a fun environment with an emphasis on foundational knowledge and skills, with ample opportunities to participate without fear of criticism or failure. We are thrilled to have Ryan joining us this summer!