5-Year Anniversary Summer

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Our Expanding Impact

This past summer, JCC Maccabi Sports Camp celebrated its 5-Year Anniversary. In just five years JMSC has grown from a big idea to a remarkable reality – serving over 1,000 campers and 300 staff from around the globe. In 2018 we:

  • Welcomed over 100 new campers
  • More than doubled female camper enrollment
  • Added three options for week-long day camp programs
  • Increased our core sports to include flag football, volleyball and dance
  • Had over 30 rising 10th & 11th graders in our Teen Leaders program

Thanks to your support, JCC Maccabi Sports Camp continued to mature and gain momentum. So as we head into Summer 2019, we aim to impact the lives of over 500 campers and staff and further develop our camp community.


We’re currently focused on planning to make summer 2019 our best yet. However, it’s important to take a step back and reflect on just what brought us all here. We like to say that every person at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp has their own “why” – the reason they chose to be part of our camp community. Last week, we asked some of our campers and staff to share their “why” with us, and the responses were equal parts inspiring and humbling.

“Camp has and always will be my happy place. The people, skills, connections, laughter, friendship and memories I’ve made will stick with me forever.” – Sophie, 4-year Camper and Teen Leader

“As a counselor, I got to see my campers develop over our session together. Seeing this maturation as they come out of their comfort zones is such a rewarding feeling; as is knowing that you’ve helped build a positive, Jewish environment in which they feel safe enough to be themselves and begin to build relationships with their peers.” – Drew, 3rd year Counselor

“Maccabi is a place I really love. I get to be with my friends and get better in my sport. The environment that camp creates is like no other place I’ve been before!” – Noah, 4-year Camper

“‘The first year that I went to camp, it was all about the ruach/spirit and the feeling of love. This year, maybe because I’m older, it was all about the core values. I feel like I am a better person because I went to camp.” – 14-Year-Old, 2-year Camper

All of these “whys” make up the soul of our unique camp culture. Let us know your “WHY” with the hashtag #WHYJMSC. Let the world know why you choose to be part of the JCC Maccabi Sports Camp community. Don’t forget to tag us on your favorite social media platform.




We couldn’t be any more grateful for the strong community we have built here at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp. Thank you for supporting us! We can’t wait to see what the next five years, and beyond, brings.

2019 Camp Registration is Coming Soon

On October 23rd all 2018 families will have a 2-week window of early enrollment. This priority registration will offer our deepest discounts and best choice of programs.

Thank You

Everything JMSC has achieved was made possible by the contributions of our founding partners. We are grateful for your continued support. In addition to the agencies listed above, over 300 individuals and families have contributed to our mission. Join them by making a donation to our camp scholarship fund.


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