A Day in the Life: Huddles

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Wondering what camp is really like each day?  In our “A Day in the Life” blog series, we’ll explain each element of our daily schedule, so that future campers and parents alike will know what to expect this summer.

The first part of schedule that we’ll tackle (no pun intended) is something that we call “Huddles.”  If you’ve looked closely at our daily schedule, you may have noticed that we have huddles a couple of times each day: Morning Huddle before breakfast and Evening Huddle after evening program (right before bedtime.)

If you’ve played or watched team sports, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a huddle. A huddle is when a team or group gathers together in a close-knit circle to strategize, motivate, or celebrate.  At JCC Maccabi Sports Camp, we use huddles for the same reasons, but they also help us build community as an entire camp, with a cabin, or with a core sports group. Huddles should be a safe space for talking and sharing ideas and feelings, but also a place to cheer and spread excitement.

huddle -girls soccer 2Morning and Evening Huddles are all-camp huddles.  In the morning we use the huddle to wake-up, stretch, cheer, and set the tone for the day.  In the evening, the huddle is more mellow and a time for reflection.  Each evening we recognize that day’s Maccabi Mensch, who is someone that embodies our camp’s values of kindness, sportsmanship, teamwork, and going the extra mile.

Cabin Huddles are also part of our camp, though often occur in the dorms right before bed, or perhaps during rest hour or shower time. They are a time for counselors and campers to connect after having spending time apart at their core sports. On Friday evenings we have a dedicated cabin time where the counselors plan and lead an activity or game for their campers. Cabin Huddles can consist of conversation, projects, or other age-appropriate games or activities.

Want to lear more about what camp is like each day? Stay tuned for more “A Day in the Life” blog posts on topics such as core sports, meals, evening programs, Shabbat, special programs, and more!