Camp Water Bottles are Here!

Posted by December 12, 2013 • Share:

water bottles

Our new water bottles have arrived!  

Everyone at camp this summer will be able to stay hydrated with these  awesome 32oz bottles.  We have 2 different versions of  our camp water bottles, one for staff and one for campers.  In order to get one, sign up for camp now!  Staff applications are also available, and more information (job descriptions, FAQs, applications) can be found here.

As you can see in the photo, one side of the bottle has our logo while the other side has “Community, Character, Culture” — the three main pillars of our camp.

We ordered camp water bottles because at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp one of our core values is Shmirat HaGuf (protecting the body, in Hebrew).  Protecting the body means leading a healthy lifestyle by remaining active (by playing sports!), eating nutritious food, and staying hydrated.    We’re excited that we have these new water bottles to help all of us stay hydrated during our active lives!