Maccabi Cup, by Ari

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This blog post was written by Ari, a Varsity Boys camper in Session 1.

Each session we hold the Maccabi Cup, a competition between the Green Team and the Blue Team (our camp colors). A series of games are held over two days, culminating in the trophy presentation to the winning team. In this blog post, Ari writes about his Maccabi Cup experience during Session 1.

Maccabi Cup 1

What is the Maccabi Cup?
The Maccabi Cup was a series of fun, and athletic events that ranged from live action Pacman, to Frisbee golf, to soccer.

What was your favorite part about Maccabi Cup?
My favorite part is how it pushes you competitively, while retaining good sportsmanship. It also built character. My favorite event was Pacman due to its cleverness, or soccer.

When you hear the words “Maccabi Cup,” what is the first thing that comes to mind?
I think of Jewish heritage and sporting events. That makes me think of community.

What about the Maccabi Cup did you find the most challenging? What aspect came easiest to you?
Coming up with chants was extremely hard as well as the music listening. (Referring to an event called a “Singdown,” which is a game where people are given a category and are tasked with listing as many songs as they can that have lyrics that fit that category. For instance, if the category was “colors,” then “Little Red Corvette” and “Paint It Black” would be examples of good answers.)

What piece of advice would you give to future campers about competing in the Maccabi Cup?
I would say not to let the competition get to your head and no matter what show good sportsmanship.

Why do you think we hold the Maccabi Cup? Why do you think it is split up over multiple days?
I think it’s split up so we can focus on core sports and so we can put as much energy [in to the Maccabi Cup] as possible.

Why do you think the Maccabi Cup is important?
It helps build good fundamentals athletically and non-athletically as well as character and good sportsmanship.