Camper Spotlight: Neel

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Camper Spotlight: Neel
Cabin: Seniors
Counselors: David, Daniel
Core Sport: Basketball

Neel is a first time camper coming all the way from Singapore! He came to camp knowing only one other camper, but has already made tons of life long friends. We sat down to talk about his time at camp.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.50.14 PMWhat has been your favorite part of your camp experience so far?
I really loved the Maccabi Cup because I got to interact with people I didn’t know and make new friends. It was also really fun to be a part of a group and cheer on my teammates. I also have enjoyed electives for similar reasons. I appreciate the opportunity to meet new people, and the coaches were so enthusiastic.

What has been the most challenging thing for you so far?
Being so far away from home has been a little tough for me, but I have been able to get over my homesickness because of the support around me. Everyone is so nice and fun to be around, it has made making friends really easy. For example, on the first day of the flag football elective, the person on the other team who was guarding me kept telling super funny jokes to make me feel more comfortable and part of the community. He is now one of my better friends at camp!

What has been your favorite evening activity?
The first night of the Maccabi Cup was awesome. It was essentially a big game night, with board games, charades, and Pictionary. It really helped our team come together.

What is your favorite camp meal?
I love it whenever we have the cheese pizza and pasta meal. Gotta carb up for basketball!

What is your favorite part of Shabbat at camp?
Since I am not Jewish, it has been really interesting to learn about the culture and practices of the religion. Also, the food on Shabbat is delicious.

What is your favorite part about an average day at camp?
I love core sports because the coaches are so enthusiastic and challenge me to get better every day. I also like evening program because you never know what is coming. I love the surprise, and its always something super fun.

Do you have any advice for campers coming second or third session?
The first thing I would tell them is to always listen to your counselors, because they are here to help you have the best experience possible. I’d also tell them not to be scared because camp is super fun. Finally I’d encourage them to live in the moment when they do come to camp, and make the most of the experience because it is a fantastic opportunity.