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Camp Friends Are the Best Friends

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JCC Maccabi Sports Camp is the perfect place to meet new friends and people from all over the world. Our camp is one big community where children bond quickly by playing sports and sharing in the activities and traditions of our camp.
Our staff is adept at fostering an environment that helps kids step out of their comfort zone and establish meaningful relationships. Still, some campers choose to come to camp with friends from home as a way to transition into the new environment.

A friend can be a security blanket or someone to be brave with when they want to try something new or start a conversation. Other campers choose to bring a friend to share the meaningful experience with them.

No matter what, camp gives kids a chance to be their best selves, to grow, learn, reach out and make new connections. Whether your child comes to camp with a friend or comes alone, we assure you that JCC Maccabi Sports Camp is a wonderful community where they will form long-lasting friendships and most importantly, share s’mores around a campfire!

Lilly’s Top 10

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Lilly is a 4th grade soccer player from Mountain View, CA and last summer was her first time at a sleepaway camp. Months after her camp experience, Lilly created this list of her Top 10 Favorite Things about JCC Maccabi Sports Camp to share with other kids who are interested in coming to camp.  Thanks, Lilly, for creating this awesome list and we can’t wait to see you this summer!20150617_175830

1. My top favorite thing at camp is having fun with everything and getting to know everyone who was there

2. My 2nd favorite thing is swimming every day. (You have to pass a test at the beginning to get into the water, also you don’t have to swim every day.)

3. My 3rd favorite thing at camp is trying out new sports/things everyday during elective time.

4. My 4th favorite thing at camp is getting to do your favorite sport everyday (my core sport was soccer) for 5 hours except for Saturdays which is Shabbat.

5. My 5th favorite thing is getting to meet new people that are different ages, from different places and different schools.

6. My 6th favorite thing is the color war [Maccabi Cup] which was team DAIRY (green) vs. team MEAT (blue) and DAIRY won (I was on DAIRY). Another session it was GATORADE (green) vs. WATER (blue) and again green won (which was GATORADE.) Color war is where you do challenges to earn points and at the end of the competition Josh and Mara count up all the points and that determines which team wins.

7. My 7th favorite part of camp is all the other girls because there is very few of them compared to the boys and that makes all the girls work together very nicely and get closer.

8. My 8th favorite thing at camp is the counselors. For example my main counselor usually jumped on my bed to wake me up and that was “fun”. Another thing is that another girl counselor during rest hour would offer to do our hair and do our nails.

9. My 9th favorite thing is the talent show where you and/or a group of people think of something and do it during a talent show, for example some girls in my group did the cup song but wrote a camp version.

10. My 10th  favorite thing about camp is the food. I like it because you get to personally chose your food. They have pasta a lot and they always have a salad bar and you get to have one dessert per day.

JCC Maccabi Games Info Sessions

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Bay Area U14 girls basketball team.

Bay Area U14 girls basketball team.

Calling all Jewish athletes between the ages of 13 and 16! Have you ever thought about participating in the JCC Maccabi Games?

Each August, delegations of athletes and coaches travel to host cities across the country to represent their local Jewish Community Center in baseball, basketball, flag football, in-line hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, volleyball, dance, golf, swimming, table tennis, tennis, and track & field.

If you are interested in bringing your skills to the competition, contact the Delegation Head at your local JCC to find out if they are taking a delegation to the 2016 JCC Maccabi Games.

Click here to view contact information for JCC delegation heads.   

The next step to learn more about the Games and your local delegation is to attend a JCC Maccabi Games info session.  Ask your delegation head about info sessions in your area.

Below are some upcoming info sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.


San Francisco Bay Area

Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

Tuesday, January 26th

6:00 pm at the JCCSF

Email Abby Cutler for more information,


Wednesday, February 3rd

6:00 pm at the JCCSF

Email Abby Cutler for more information,


Los Angeles Area

Westside JCC

(City Based Info Session)

Tuesday, December 22nd

7:00 pm at the Westside JCC

Email Rebecca Sachs and Ari Cohen for more information,


(Valley Based Info Session)

Sunday, January 10th

Time and Location TBA

Email Rebecca Sachs and Ari Cohen for more information,



Summer 2015 in Review

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Shanah Tovah and Shabbat Shalom!

If this past summer is any indication, it’s clear the world was hungry for a Jewish overnight sports camp in California as we more than doubled in size for our second summer. The response has been one of excitement, support and appreciation. And for that, we extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who continues to make JCC Maccabi Sports Camp a welcoming, vibrant community and a remarkable success.

With a solid foundation in place, summer two gave us the opportunity to continue to develop our program. Increased enrollment and the return of many of our Head Coaches allowed our Core Sports programs to thrive; campers continued to develop individual skills while learning what it means to be part of a team.

And as more than a sports camp, we continue to take pride in the Jewish elements of camp, creating deep and meaningful Jewish experiences through conversation, song, Shabbat and evening activities.

For a shining example, look no further than our camp song, “Fly”, which incorporates the Shema and the affirmative mantra:

I will run, I will fly 
I will look my fear in the eye 
Faster, Higher, Stronger
I know I can fly 

This wonderful message is inspired by Isaiah 40:31, “…but those who believe will remain strong. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow tired, they will walk and not grow faint.

Credit goes to Joel Swedlove, Program Director and Songleader extraordinaire, who penned this amazing song, giving camp a profound way to end each day.

Click here to hear “Fly” as sung by staff at our final campfire of the summer.

It’s been wonderful to hear from parents, eager to share their children’s stories of success. We’ve been regaled with stories of campers returning home more mature, independent, inspired and eager to return to camp next summer. While improving upon one’s core sport skills is a primary goal, learning how to be a mensch, one who thinks of others before oneself, is at the forefront of our camper experience.

This value can be seen proudly stated on our camp t-shirts, “Strong in Character, Strength in Community”.

Lastly, a tremendous thank you is owed to our amazing staff.  Representing eight states and four countries, our staff bonded early in the summer and provided a memorable and caring experience for our campers. They were truly amazing and we hope many of them will return next year.


Josh Steinharter