Fun Facts & Advice From Our Staff

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Brent Osborne, Program Manager


Brent is our new Program Manager and we can’t wait for him to bring his expertise and enthusiasm to camp this summer! We asked Brent a few questions about camp but it’s clear that he has many, many more camp stories and nuggets of wisdom to share with everyone at camp this summer.

What is your favorite summer camp memory?

My favorite summer camp memory is going on the bumper boats! At my old camp, we had a beautiful lake with bumper boats—they were electric boats very similar to bumper cars! It was my favorite!

Favorite camp activity, game, or program?

My all time favorite camp activity is Spikeball— I am always up for a challenge! I also LOVE tie-dye. I consider myself a tie-dye professional!

What are you most excited for about JCC Maccabi Sports Camp?

Truth is, I am a much better spectator than I am a player when it comes to sports. In fact, most of the time I don’t understand what is going on! This summer, I am most excited to expand on my athletic skills and maybe learn a thing or two!

What advice would you give kids coming to camp for the first time this summer?

Camp is such a wonderful place! Camp provides you with an opportunity to explore and try new things that you wouldn’t typically get to do in school or at home. Don’t be afraid to give new things a shot!


Emma Whitwell, Counselor and Assistant Coach

Whitwell, Emma_Photo

Emma will be joining us for her second year as a counselor and assistant soccer coach this summer. You can view her staff bio here, but we asked her a few fun questions to get to know her a little better.  Emma can’t wait to meet the campers this summer and watch their skills improve.

Favorite professional sports team(s): US women’s national soccer team, Bayern Munich, Barcelona FC. I can’t choose.

Favorite coaching moment: At a clinic I volunteered at, I was working with some u-10 kids on defense and tackling. It was great watching my youngest and smallest player completely disposes one of my oldest and strongest players with a perfect tackle just two drills later.

Best advice you’ve gotten from a coach: You are the only one who can decide if you will succeed. Never let anybody tell you you can’t. You decide. ~ Coach Marty

Favorite meal at camp: Breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?  Shapeshifting!


Daniel Kolpak, Counselor and Assistant Coach


Daniel will also be joining us for his second year as a counselor and assistant basketball coach this summer. Daniel is travelling all the way from his hometown, Nahariya, Israel!  You can view his staff bio here. Daniel is excited to return to camp this summer to inspire campers with his awesome coaching skills and to eat more pizza.

Favorite teams : Chicago Bulls & Golden State Warriors.

Favorite coaching moment : Watching the team grow and learning what it really means to be part of a team

Best advice I got from a coach : Never give up and keep working hard. In my first year as an adult player i didn’t get much playing time during the first half of the season. I began to feel really frustrated. Although my coach did not let me play a lot, he made sure to let me know that he saw the effort I put into practice. He always told me to “never give up and keep working hard. If you do that you’ll get your chance”.

Not long after we had a decisive away game. My teammates got into foul trouble and I got called in. I knew that this could be the turning point for me and I would have to prove myself. I took the chance and was able to change the game for us by shutting down the other team’s best player. We ended up winning the game and from that point on I was the sixth man off the bench and starting shooting guard for the whole second half of the season.

Favorite meal at camp: Pizza or Shabbat Dinner

Super powers : Flying or breathing under water

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