What Parents Are Saying about Our Camp

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“We love the idea that you can play sport AND be Jewish. During the year it always seems like there has to be a choice. JCC Maccabi Camp puts it all together!”

This is just a taste of what people are saying about JCC Maccabi Sports Camp.

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Our camp participated in the Camper Satisfaction Insight Survey (CSI), a national survey of Jewish camps, completed by the parents of campers. Over 70 camps are represented in the results and we are proud to say that we scored at or above the national average in overall satisfaction and value, facilities, health and safety, communication and quality of professional coaching!

The survey provides valuable feedback that helps us focus on what we’re doing well and guides us in a direction to improve certain aspects of our program.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey. We look forward to sharing more details of this insightful survey in the coming months.

Here are some other thoughts on this past summer’s experience.

“My daughter absolutely loved the camp. She came home a more mature and centered girl. Since returning from camp she is more comfortable with herself and her abilities. It is without question her experience at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp that helped her find a comfort zone that she has not had at other camps.”

“Great positive experience for both my kids. I hope they can return next year. Community building and making each kid feel good about themselves.”

“This camp was a great experience for my son. He enjoyed it a lot. There was not one complaint when he got home. His sports experiences were fantastic, his group experiences were fantastic, he had a great time. Thank you! It was the feeling that I got when we first arrived. They made it a point to make connections immediately. I believe that is what makes a camp in which kids have the best experiences. Connections are what make a camp great.”