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Introducing Head Volleyball Coach, Brooke Armida

With over 14 years of coaching experience and a passion for volleyball, Coach Brooke brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to player development.

Originating from Orange County, New York, Coach Brooke has honed her coaching skills through various roles, including head coach of multiple teams at New York Elite Volleyball Club, where she coached and assisted all levels from 14U to 18U. Her extensive experience encompasses coaching at the modified, JV, and Assistant for Varsity at Wallkill Central High School and Pine Bush Central School districts, demonstrating her versatility and adaptability as a coach.

Coach Brooke is not only dedicated to athletics but also to caring for others, having worked as a home health aide for the past 14 years. Her compassionate nature and commitment to helping others extend beyond the volleyball court, making her a trusted mentor and role model for her players. Additionally, Coach Brooke holds a certification as a Teaching Assistant, further highlighting her dedication to education and student development.

Aside from her role at Maccabi Sports Camp, Coach Brooke has also showcased her dedication to developing volleyball talent by running several camps, clinics, and Volley Kids programs. She has shared her expertise with players of all ages and skill levels, fostering a love for the sport and nurturing the growth of aspiring athletes. Furthermore, Coach Brooke has contributed to the development of young talent by assisting with USA Volleyball High Performance tryouts in New York.

Coach Brooke is eager to impart not only volleyball basics and advanced skills but also crucial life lessons. As a coach, she emphasizes the A.C.E principles: Attitude, Communication, and Effort. She believes that by instilling these values in her players, they will not only excel on the court but also in all aspects of their lives. Coach Brooke is committed to fostering an environment where players give their all, communicate effectively, and approach challenges with a positive mindset. She looks forward to witnessing her athletes grow not only as volleyball players but also as individuals who embody these principles both on and off the court. Through teamwork and cooperation, Coach Brooke envisions her players developing a strong bond, understanding the importance of playing together as a cohesive unit, and supporting each other’s growth and success.

Coach Brooke’s strong player development skills, coupled with her caring and compassionate nature, along with her leadership, we are poised to achieve new levels of success and create a positive and supportive environment where athletes can thrive.

Join us in welcoming Coach Brooke as our new Head Volleyball Coach, as we embark on an exciting journey of teamwork, skill development, and success for every athlete. 


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