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Say Hello to Nurse Jeremiah!

Jeremiah Rush is a licensed Registered Nurse with over a decade’s experience providing compassionate and skilled care to adults and children in many different clinical roles and environments, including school and summer camp settings. He previously worked as a nurse for five different summer camps — most recently at Jewish camps JCA Shalom and Havaya Arts, in Southern California. 

Jeremiah is also passionate about holistic health & wellness and previously worked at many permaculture and naturopathic health centers throughout the world, including Hawaii, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, India, and the Philippines. He enjoys travel (obviously!), yoga (he’s a certified instructor), cycling, hiking, reading, music composition (he plays the piano and guitar), beach bumming, and gourmet cooking (he’s been known to make ‘the best Kitchari in all of India!’). Growing up, Jeremiah spent summers as a camper and was an athlete who competed in football, soccer, basketball, baseball, cross country, and track & field. 

Jeremiah’s excited to join our community at Maccabi Sports Camp; and considers it a tremendous honor to oversee the health, wellness, and safety of your children this summer. 

Josh Steinharter.

About author Josh Steinharter

Senior Director

Starting in 2005, Josh was the Athletic Program Manager for Youth & Coach Development at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, serving over 1,500 children annually through teams, classes, camps, and select-level sports. He also served as Delegation Head for Team San Francisco at the JCC Maccabi Games®. As co-creator of the JCCSF Fellowship in Sports Leadership, Josh helped develop and lead the teen program that taught leadership through the lens of coaching youth sports. In 2013, Josh founded Maccabi Sports Camp, the first Jewish overnight sports camp on the West Coast.

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