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Staff Spotlight: Oliver

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7405806-2016-03-03T14-27-21.5960490ZOliver Sparkes has been playing football in a team based environment since the age of 4. He has played for various clubs and had the privilege of captaining 3 of the teams. He had a fantastic time leading the teams and developing his leadership skills.

Oliver played for Rushden and Diamonds Academy at the “center of excellence level” for a season. That was the highest level he could have reached at that time in his career and he is very proud of that accomplishment.  In 2014/2015 his team won their division and went on to become the best in the region.

When Oliver was 13 years old, he went on a football tour to Denmark which helped hum improve as a player and gave him the opportunity to play against teams from all over the world. Currently, he plays for Wollaston Victoria Mens.

From a young age Oliver has always wanted his own passion for the game to help others achieve their full potential. He has had many coaching experiences including training an under 10s team. He believes that fitness and team building are two of the most important features of the game. He cannot wait to be camp this summer and have an amazing time.