Camp Friends Are the Best Friends

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JCC Maccabi Sports Camp is the perfect place to meet new friends and people from all over the world. Our camp is one big community where children bond quickly by playing sports and sharing in the activities and traditions of our camp.
Our staff is adept at fostering an environment that helps kids step out of their comfort zone and establish meaningful relationships. Still, some campers choose to come to camp with friends from home as a way to transition into the new environment.

A friend can be a security blanket or someone to be brave with when they want to try something new or start a conversation. Other campers choose to bring a friend to share the meaningful experience with them.

No matter what, camp gives kids a chance to be their best selves, to grow, learn, reach out and make new connections. Whether your child comes to camp with a friend or comes alone, we assure you that JCC Maccabi Sports Camp is a wonderful community where they will form long-lasting friendships and most importantly, share s’mores around a campfire!