Camper Spotlight: Greyson

Posted by June 30, 2015 • Share:

Greyson was a Session 1 camper at JCC Maccabi Sports Camp. He came to camp to play tennis, a sport he had never played before, and picked it up quite quickly. However due to an arm injury he had to switch his Core Sport to soccer.  Our Communications Intern, Ben, sat down with Greyson to discuss his experience at camp.


What has been your favorite part of your camp experience so far?
I have really enjoyed core sports because the coaches are so enthusiastic. In the short amount of time I played tennis I improved immensely, in part because of the passion Coach Jason has for teaching tennis.

What has been the most challenging this for you so far?
The most difficult thing for me so far has been sleeping. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve had trouble adjusting to a new place, or if it’s because I’m so excited to start the next day.

What has been your favorite evening activity?
I really liked Human Mario Cart because of all the creative events. Plus running around campus was super fun. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with Human Mario Cart, it is a race to save Princess Peach that involves various challenges that can only be overcome by working together to accomplish a common goal).

What is your favorite camp meal?
Recently we had Chicago style beef sandwiches for lunch. I really liked them.

What is your favorite part of Shabbat at camp?
Getting the opportunity to play soccer with all my friends, specifically the ones who are not in my core sport.

What is your favorite part about an average day at camp?
I really enjoy Core Sports, but I also appreciate rest hour because it allows me to relax and unwind.

Do you have any advice for campers coming second or third session?
I’d recommend bringing a clock, and lots and lots of clothes.