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This is the second in a series of emails & blog posts covering important topics about sending your child to camp. If you missed the previous email on Camper Care & Campus Life, click here to view it online.

Parent Play-by-Play 2: Health & Safety

Our top priority at camp is ensuring your child’s health and safety. At camp we talk about Shmirat Haguf – Guarding the Body – and emphasize the importance of caring for our minds, bodies, and souls while at camp. Stretching, eating healthy meals, wearing sunscreen, and staying hydrated are a few of the preventative measures we practice!  This post will focus on our health center, medications, general safety and vaccinations.

Health Forms

Ensuring proper care of your child during their time at camp begins with our forms.  By now you’ve been introduced to CampInTouch, the online information center for enrolled families. If you do not know how to access this area, please email us at

Receiving complete and honest information about your child is critical to our ability to provide proper care. Please take the appropriate time to answer all questions and tell us as much about your child as possible. It is important that we know about everything and anything that could come up at camp and might help us to care for your child and enable them to feel as though camp is their home away from home.

Parents should notify camp of issues like allergies, medications, picky eating, bedwetting, apprehension about going to camp (more about how to address feelings of missing home in a future issue), social and behavior concerns.

The more you share, the more we can be prepared to provide the support your child needs to create a successful camp experience.

What happens if my child gets sick or injured?

Health Center

Our Health Center is centrally located on our camps and is staffed by a Nurse and an Athletic Trainer during all camp sessions.

Medical staff is available 24 hours a day and able to handle any and all medical issues. Most medical situations, such as colds, allergies, sprains, and dehydration will be handled on-site. Additionally, the majority of our staff are also certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED by the American Red Cross.

For more advanced medical care, JCC Maccabi Sports Camp has established a relationship with two local medical providers as well as three more commonly needed medical experts:

Stanford Hospital & Clinics – Emergency Room
(Approx. 3 miles from camp)
300 Pasteur Drive
Palo Alto, CA 94305

Pediatric Urgent Care – Palo Alto
(Approx. 2 miles from camp)
795 El Camino Real
Level 1, Lee Building
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Dr. Avram Greenspan – Pediatrician
(Approx. 1 mile from camp)
609 Price Avenue, #4
Redwood City, CA 94063

Dr. Jan Gabus – Dentist
(Approx. 1 mile from camp)
1300 University Drive, #5
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Dr. Scott Kaloust – Orthodontist
(Approx. 1 mile from camp)
1300 University Drive, #2
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Should your child necessitate a visit to on off-site medical facility, you will receive a phone call from the Camp Director, Nurse, or other member of our Senior Staff. As part of our camp forms, you are asked to give authorization allowing your child to be treated by medical professionals. We have found that the staff at most off-site facilities are is likely to call a parent before providing treatment to a minor. As the camp caring for your child, we prefer to let you know in advance of that call so you can be aware it is coming and tend to all incoming calls from unfamiliar numbers.

Parents are notified if their child has been in the Health Center for more than 24 hours, needs to be placed on prescription medication, or has been taken to an off-site doctor, emergency room, or hospital.

Parents are not generally notified if their child visits the Health Center and receives a routine diagnosis and treatment, which would include cuts, colds, bug bites, stomach aches, sore throats, or headaches.

What if my child takes prescription medication?

Camper Medications

If your child takes prescription medication, you should take several steps to enable us to support your child properly while in our care.

  • Fill out the camp medical forms clearly and completely
  • Update your camper’s forms should anything change with type or dosage
  • Send the correct amount of prescription medication to camp with your child in their original bottles/containers – DO NOT SEGMENT YOUR CHILD’S MEDICATION INTO A DAILY PILL ORGANIZER

Our medical staff will store and be responsible for the administration of your child’s prescribed medication. Under no circumstances should a camper retain and administer his or her own prescription medication. This is considered a violation of our camp policies and is grounds for dismissal from camp.

If you would like to speak directly with the Nurse or Camp Director regarding any special instructions for camper medication or treatment, feel free to call our office at 415-997-8844.

We strongly discourage parents from altering their child’s medication regimen during their time at camp. It is important that any medication your child relies on during the school year is continued while at camp to ensure a successful and comfortable experience. If you are considering altering or taking a break from your child’s medication schedule, please call and discuss with the Camp Director.

What is security like on campus?

General Safety & Supervision

Menlo College is located in Atherton, California, one of the more affluent and safe neighborhoods in America. This insulated, safe aspect of the campus is one of the reasons it was chosen as the location for our camp.

Menlo College has a 24-hour security presence and the camp works closely with the school to ensure the same protection is provided for our campers. Additionally, the dorms are secured with a high-level key-code access system that applies to all exterior and interior doors.

Campers are under adult supervision at all hours of the day, including all programming, meals and in dorms. Campers are not permitted to travel the campus without an adult. In addition to these safety measures, we spend considerable time training and preparing staff for a variety of scenarios that might arise during the summer.

Emotional Safety and Bullying

We take pride in the fact that camp is a welcoming and safe community for all campers and staff members. Safety – both physical and emotional – is our top priority and we do not tolerate bullying, threatening, discrimination, or harassment of any kind.


It is JCC Maccabi Sports Camp policy that campers be immunized against the common communicable diseases listed on our Immunization history form. Every child must have current, up-to-date polio series, measles, mumps, rubella, and tetanus toxoid vaccinations to attend JCC Maccabi Sports Camp. A negative TB test within the past 24 months is also strongly recommended.

If your child has not been vaccinated, please contact our office to speak with the Camp Director.

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