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Job Descriptions

Summer 2019 Positions

If you are interested in a position for Summer 2019, our staff application is now open!

Working at camp is not only a fantastic way to build relevant skills but it is also a ton of fun. [Read more about what you will gain from a summer of working at camp.]

The following is a list of positions that will be available in Summer 2019. Click below to download a PDF of the job description for each position.

*All Assistant Coaches also work as Counselors and are considered “Sports Specialists”. They will be assigned to work in a particular Core Sport, or multiple Core Sports, throughout the summer. While the majority of our Counselors also work as Assistant Coaches, we also hire Counselors who are considered Specialists in non-sports areas such as lifeguarding, administration, Jewish education, or camp programming. If you think you’d be a great counselor but aren’t sure if you have a specialty, you should still apply! 

Have a question? Read more about working at camp and view our FAQs. If your question isn’t answered (or if you just want to hear more from a real person), contact us at or call 415-997-8844.